the balloon house idea, mood board, brainstorm, treatment, Synopsis(11.Aug)

I had this new idea that i am very excited about, after researching online I came cross this ballon house idea-

I was really impressed with the movie ‘up’, but it got me thinking,w hat is the house were the ones who’s pulling the balloons up? what if in this world balloons is no longer a light object? what if the houses became light and small?

So i found this artist called Sivan Sternbach who make ceramic  balloons, it is very interesting when i first saw it, the ceramic balloons seems like the real balloons floating. on the other hand, i got the “light house” idea from the american artist Amy Casey, her art work “small world”, its about the houses are connected to each other, tangled, and flying in the air. i think it feels like something like this an only happen in the dreams . But by learning the 3D program i can actually make it happen.


augview documents

moonboard house


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