Notes taken from the presentation 13/08/15


Augview technologies is working with second year graphic design students to create a live 3D visual animation using GPS tracking, called geo augmented reality (also referred to as AR). Geo augmented reality has been around since 1960, and in recent years become more popular with the increase of functionality and performance of mobile devices.

-make a 3D animation for geo augmented reality

-can be viewed on the Augview app.

-The user is able to interact and engage with the geo augmented reality, educating the user with the new technology.

-Mature audience, but different marketing approaches for different age groups.

-Immersive experience within augmented reality.

-Learning the new technology and how it works.

-A device that has got a GPS, a magnetometer or digital compass, an Accelerometer and a gyroscope and on it’s own it is designed to be used outdoor.

-Using 500,000 polygons for the animation as anything higher will crash the device.

-Every shape size must be taken into consideration.

-Open spaced areas for better reception of the GPS signal.


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